Sunset at Garrison Bight

sept2 sunset

Fall is coming! At least our Key West version of it. This means Zombie Bike Ride is right around the corner, along with Goombay, Fantasy Fest, Race Week…and SEASON!  Construction on the boulevard is finished.(with a nice wide bike lane!)  It’s starting to cool off at night.  Makes for a great bike ride home from the grocery store.. who could complain with a view like this? I’m one lucky girl. 🙂


$10 dollar Vintage Seascape Painting turned Jewelry Display

I found this beautiful acrylic seascape at a Goodwill a couple years ago, couldn’t decide what to do with it..then while trying to come up to display jewelry at Oceanfest Key West, it all came together!


Just refreshed the wood frame with some bright distressed paint, drilled some holes directly into the acrylic board, and inserted some drawer knobs.. super easy jewelry display!


I had some acrylic knobs I wasn’t using, and picked up the adorable pewter starfish knobs on clearance at Ace for $2.00. Couple coats of paint on the starfish and..




jewelry display,


Super cute display. People were definitely drawn to it, I sold all of my necklaces in stock. Couple people even tried to purchase the display itself!


Thanks for visiting!    -Rebecca




DIY Shabby Succulent Birdcage

DIYDIY Shabby Succulent Birdcage

I bought this plain metal birdcage at Ross for 12.99.  Boring, but it has possibilities!


I really liked the cute little bird swinging on a chain


A couple coats of Zinsser 1-2-3, my go-to primer..


My little bird is so much cuter already!

A coat of Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze..


A light sanding with medium grit sandpaper to “age” the paint..


And off to the MARC Plant Store to buy some succulents!


For those that haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Marc Plant Store, a little background.. The Monroe County Association for reMARCable Citizens is a non-profit organization here in the Florida Keys designed to provide employment for adults with developmental disabilities.  Its great to see these guys landscaping around town! Also, the plant store has amazing products.  Worth a visit if you’re here in the Keys!


This is what I picked up to play with..


****NOTE: I strongly advise you to wear gloves.  I did not wear gloves.  BIG mistake!

Originally, I had planned on putting a plastic plant liner at the bottom of my cage like ones I’ve seen on

Pinterest. I couldn’t find one that fit snugly, so I opted to go a different route. This is what I came up with..


Vintage milk glass, a silver creamer, and a tea cup..perfect!(although I later switched the small milk glass with the creamer)

Way better than the original plan!

To plant, I placed some moss and potting soil in the bottom of each “pot”.


CAREFULLY repot the succulents, filling in with potting soil around the edges.

(I do not recommend the plastic bag on hand method that I used.  Really.

Buy gloves!! These teeny tiny needles feel like fiberglass!)


Love this project.  It was super easy and fits right in in my bedroom.  I like it with

 the roses,  but I’d have to replace with some dried ones.

What do you think?


succulent birdcage2