Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

New Vintage Jewelry Christmas Tree up for sale on our Etsy shop..Happy Holidays!Vintage jewelry christmas tree in distressed frame


Sunset at Garrison Bight

sept2 sunset

Fall is coming! At least our Key West version of it. This means Zombie Bike Ride is right around the corner, along with Goombay, Fantasy Fest, Race Week…and SEASON!  Construction on the boulevard is finished.(with a nice wide bike lane!)  It’s starting to cool off at night.  Makes for a great bike ride home from the grocery store.. who could complain with a view like this? I’m one lucky girl. 🙂

Custom Order, Cross and Monogram

      Just completed this custom order for a jeweled cross and a monogram  letter B. They are off to their new home in Fort Lauderdale. The client requested a dropcloth for a background. Very cheap option for a background cloth, and I have a ton left over!


custom letter b

      Wrapped in jute twine, and finished with seaglass, shells  and nautical jewelry, these pieces will look great in my clients new beach themed living room. The frames are finished in old white.




Love how these came out!


custom vintagekeywest



Thanks for stopping in!  -Rebecca

$10 dollar Vintage Seascape Painting turned Jewelry Display

I found this beautiful acrylic seascape at a Goodwill a couple years ago, couldn’t decide what to do with it..then while trying to come up to display jewelry at Oceanfest Key West, it all came together!


Just refreshed the wood frame with some bright distressed paint, drilled some holes directly into the acrylic board, and inserted some drawer knobs.. super easy jewelry display!


I had some acrylic knobs I wasn’t using, and picked up the adorable pewter starfish knobs on clearance at Ace for $2.00. Couple coats of paint on the starfish and..




jewelry display,


Super cute display. People were definitely drawn to it, I sold all of my necklaces in stock. Couple people even tried to purchase the display itself!


Thanks for visiting!    -Rebecca




Conch Tour Train Holiday Lights Tour

A great time was had by all on the Key West Conch Train Holiday lights tour. Who said it doesn’t feel like Christmas here in Key West? Oh yeah, everyone(that doesn’t live here). But to us locals, the warm temp has nothing to do with the spirit of the holidays! Here is the best I could do with a slow camera on a moving vehicle. Merry Christmas!

















Can you believe this is laminate??

I live in a tiny attic apartment in old town, Key West. I pay for my location. I do certainly not pay for my storage, because I don’t have any. One tiny closet in the whole apartment! I’ve been wanting a sideboard/credenza/buffet/dry sink for a while. Just somewhere to store my good dishes- the – vintage pieces I pull out on holidays.  I have expensive taste. I want a solid wood piece I can refinish. Been looking a while, but of course, everything I want is upwards of $800. Not going to work. I found this dresser on Wayfair for $249.00. It’s called the Huntington 8 drawer dresser. Laminate, hmm, I can work with this! It’s in my budget, and will provide the storage I need.     It took me and a very patient friend 3 1/2 hours to assemble.(thanks Tim!) Definitely a two person job. I’m pretty handy, and no way could I have done this alone. Sturdily built, only a few minor issues matching up dowels to holes. Now the fun part.     First, I sanded with my mouse and medium grit paper, just enough to take the shine off. Then I painted some areas blue that I wanted to show through the topcoat.   IMG_4057   Here’s my new toy,  a Miss Mustard Seed Wax Puck. Great for distressing furniture! Just slide the puck over anything you are planning to distress and want that color to show through.   (See Photo)IMG_4058Next, I added some furniture appliques. These are my new best friend.  I buy them from Do It Yourself Chic on Ebay.

So much fun! She makes these “molds” with wood filler. She’s got a huge selection ranging to price from $1-$70. All you do is glue them on! I use my go to adhesive, E-6000. It  NEVER comes off!   Now, 2 coats of Zinsser  primer, and she’s ready to paint.

    I make my own chalk paint with good results -Budget, budget, budget! I scoured the returned paint shelf at Ace Hardware. I found a pint of winter white paint for $2. Done! Mix it with a tablespoon or two of unsanded tile grout,then add a splash of water. I usually  end up adding water a couple of times, as it tends to thicken. Just try to keep it at the same consistency throughout -not too runny. Think of the consistency of Elmer’s Glue. Two coats. 4 hours. Then, buff with a clean cloth, 2 coats of polyacrylic, and done!   mixed paint

To finish it off, I added some clear and acrylic knobs I had on hand. Now I have TONS of storage! What do you think?