Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

I bought this solid wood armoire on Craigslist for $40..including delivery!

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

Perfect for the kitchen pantry storage I need and don’t have in my small kitchen space!

Sorry I didn’t get a “before”, I was excited to get started, and forgot to take a before picture.  All I’ve done here is prime the knots in the wood with Zinsser Primer. 

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

I cleaned out the cabinet with vinegar and a clean cloth and let dry.

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

 I then primed the entire cabinet, inside and out.

(Note: It took me about 4 coats of primer to cover the knotty pine. Even using a great primer such as Zinsser, which is a stain blocker!   Don’t get discouraged, eventually, the knots will stop bleeding through, and Zinsser dries pretty quickly!)

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

Then I made some chalk paint with some leftover white paint. Directions for making homemade chalk paint can be found HERE. I did two coats of the chalkpaint, letting it dry a day between coats. (Although, this is summer in the very humid Key West, a climate with less moisture in the air may take less drying time!)

I sanded the edges with medium grit sandpaper to give it a lightly distressed look.

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

Wanted to give the back a pop of color. Started with the same blue used on my walls.

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

Added a pattern with a stencil. I purchased this one at Cutting Edge Stencils. They’ve got some great patterns, and they are super easy to use! I know this isn’t perfect, but hey, its hard to paint way in the back of a cabinet 30 inches deep!

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

And you can’t tell after I filled it in with all these beautiful vibrant colors!

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

I added some decorative shabby appliques purchased on eBay at Do It Yourself Chic. They have some really great appliques that will turn any boring or outdated furniture into fabulous! Highly recommend trying these out if you haven’t yet!

Aging Furniture Appliques

Always attach appliques on a flat surface using E6000. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s the strongest adhesive out there!

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

I used Satin Polycrylic Glaze to finish the cabinet, and added a mishmash of leftover knobs..

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

(It dries fast, and cleans easily. Another great thing about Polycrylic? It’s tintable!)

On one side, I added some S Hooks to give me a little more room for hanging pans..

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

And on the other,  a lazy susan to access stuff on the back of the shelf.

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

I’ve got plenty of room for all my pantry goods now! No more trying to figure out where I stashed what!

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

Have even more storage on the top for some canisters and a bread bin..

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

I love how this came out! Functional AND pretty!

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

I added a pretty curtain between the wall and the pantry using a small tension rod to hide my mop and broom.. no closets in my little cottage!

Shabby Kitchen Pantry Redo

Thanks for visiting!



Easy Shabby Chic Rag and Crystal Chandelier

A long overdue rainy day here in Key West.  Time to get to one of my many projects that I’ve been meaning to get to..(I know you all have a closet full of them, I can’t be the only one!

Finally my plants are happy! It’s been so unusually dry this month.

DIY Rag Chandelier

I bought this shade a few years ago, and it’s too big for any lamps in my small cottage. Been saving it for a project just like this! The hanging bulb.. it was for one of those hanging Ikea-ish paper lanterns that I picked up at a yard sale sometime way back..

DIY Rag Chandelier

I removed the fabric from the shade with an Exacto knife.

DIY Rag Chandelier

I used twine to tie the bones together…

DIY Rag Chandelier

And added my ever trusty E6000 to secure the knots.

DIY Rag Chandelier

Maybe not necessary, but I’d rather be safe than have all my hard work come crashing down!

DIY Rag Chandelier

I cut some old cotton sheets into 1 inch strips,

DIY Rag Chandelier

and cut off the seams while Elliot supervised.

DIY Rag Chandelier

I tied the strips onto the frame

DIY Rag Chandelier

and added some scraps of ribbon.

DIY Rag Chandelier

I had some leftover chandelier prisms from my Pirate Ship Chandelier so I added those too.

DIY Rag Chandelier

Because I was feeling lazy, I attached them to the frame using some necklaces..

DIY Rag Chandelier

But hey, they were free!  They came as a bonus gift on an E-bay purchase, and saved me the time of tying on fishing line. (But anything would do..what do you have around the house, get creative!)

DIY Rag Chandelier

So I finished my rainy day project while Elliot  took a long nap.

DIY Rag Chandelier

I may decide to add some shells, but that’s a project for another day.  Any thoughts? Thanks for stopping by!

DIY Rag Chandelier

Vintage Inspired Feather Tree Tutorial



Put aside an afternoon to make this adorable white vintage inspired feather tree! I saw what they go for in stores, (yikes!!) and decided I could do better for next to nothing!


Started with a simple cardboard cone, spray painted white.  Any size will do. (DON’T try using a styrofoam cone. They don’t get along well with glue guns!) You can usually find cardboard cones at any craft store for under $2.00.


I bought these 4-6 inch feathers on ebay from montana_echoes. I purchased 2 bags. It cost around $10.00 as they combine shipping. (Super fast shipping, will definitely be buying more from them!)


This was a white boa I’ve had lying around waiting for me to do something with. Perfect for this project, and very inexpensive to buy.


Get your glue gun ready. Don’t recommend a low heat gun for this, I feel low heat guns never get hot enough. But I did burn most of my fingers. (If anyone has a recommendation for NOT burning fingers while gluing feathers I’d love to hear it!) Anyways, I just started at the bottom alternating between the wing feathers and cut off pieces of the boa feathers, gluing one at a time, and worked my way up. Don’t get discouraged if it looks lopsided when you get to the top. Mine did, but then I just kept filling in the barer spots until I was happy with it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how this came out!  Cost me under $10 using mostly stuff I had on hand, but would still cost under $15 if you were buying all the supplies!  Such a classic look.

Thanks for visiting, and happy crafting!


Pirate Ship Chandelier, Vintage Lamp Makeover

pirate ship chandelier

I found this tabletop brass pirate ship lamp on E-Bay for $20.00. I actually had the highest bid, for $20.00!! That’s crazy! Who would sell this priceless treasure for $20.00?


Well, just goes to show, one mans trash is another mans treasure! Keep reading to learn how I turned THAT into THIS..


I got my inspiration from this on Junk Gypsies. I love the show, and soon because OBSESSED with having my own pirate ship chandelier. I like this tabletop version for me, I think it’s perfect for apartment living, no hard wiring needed!

First step, clean off the grime! I used dish soap and vinegar…

I started my snipping out the old wiring with wire cutters. I always like to rewire, not only for safety purposes, but new wiring will give any vintage lamp a clean, modern look. (it’s even nicer if you have any electrician friends that will rewire it for you..)

Then I primed with Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer in White. I used two cans. Dries super fast, about half an hour between coats.

I gave it a light sanding with my Mouse sander, to distress the embossed circles and give it an aged look. I rubbed it with some pledge to get the dust off, but didn’t do much else in the way off top coating. I’m okay with it getting a little rusty.


Next the beads. I have a ton of beads and stuff from my vintage jewelry collages. Decided to add some to my chandelier.

I used fishing line to string them together. (Actually, I made my roommate tie the knots cause he’s a fishing captain and I hate tying fishing line. Why is it so hard to tie fishing line?)


Then I got some crystal chandelier garlands and pendants on amazon. The pendants(French Pendalogue Crystal Prisms Silver Bow Tie, Pack of 10 by Crystal Prism World) cost 14 dollars for a pack of 10. The 2 six foot garlands (CrystalPlace 6 Feet Glass Crystal Beads Chain Garland) cost 15 dollars a chain.



they have these little rings and clips which made them super easy to put on..



And done! LOVE how this came out. My new favorite all time project. Till next time..

Dollar Store Shabby Putz Christmas Display


I love the Christmas season, and it’s never to early to get ready! This project was done mostly with items I had around the house. If you have a great tray and a bell jar, it’s easy to change out displays throughout the year.

Last year I bought this ugly painted church at the dollar store, and spray painted it white. I added some German glass glitter with Judykins diamond glaze as an adhesive.

I found a couple of tutorials on pinterest about bleaching green bottle brush trees, super easy! I bought a bag of 6 at K-mart for under $5.00.  I didn’t take pictures when I was bleaching my trees, but you can see from the photo they came out great. This is a good example of the bleaching process from crafty_dame.

bleaching trees

bleaching trees (Photo credit: crafty_dame)

I arranged all on a vintage silver tray, added mica “snowflakes”, topped with a bell jar, and done! Easy DIY Dollar Store Christmas display!


Wood Curio Shabby Redo – DIY Tutorial

I found this awesome wood curio cabinet at a yard sale. I paid 10 dollars for it.  It’s ugly, but it’s got great bones! And it’s got hand carved wood palm trees!



It did have an ugly particle board backing, which I decided to pry off. This took some help from my room mate and a crow bar..


Then I cleaned the wood well with white vinegar and water to get the grime out of the crevices, and began to paint. Here’s all you need for this project-

A foam brush, Medium grit sandpaper, non-sanded grout, leftover water based paint, and miniwax finishing paste.

Let me start by saying I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  However, I cannot afford it, and have always been just as happy with the results using my own home made version. There are many different recipes, but here’s what I’ve been happiest with.

I found this white  paint in the return isle at my local Ace hardware. It’s always cheaper to buy paint that a homeowner or painter returned because they weren’t happy with the tint or what not. This 2 pint can cost me two dollars.

I mixed 1 pint of the paint with about two tablespoons of the non-sanded grout. Always mix until you are happy with the consistency. Always add a little water at a time. About a tablespoon. It you feel its still too thick, add another. Sometimes when working out in the hot sun, my mixture will start to feel like toothpaste and I’ll add more water..again. And again. I like to think of the proper consistency to be like that of Elmer’s glue.

curio paint

I ended up doing two coats, about two hours apart..


Then I sanded till I was happy with how it looked, cleaned well with my vinegar/water solution to remove any loose dust, and then waxed. You could use any wax for this, but I like a dark wax for a shabby look. I used Miniwax Finishing Wax Paste. Wipe on, make sure you get into all the crevices. Wait 20 minutes, and wipe off. Done. Ten dollars for this project, seeing as I had everything on hand leftover from other projects.

What I love most about this piece(besides the hand-carved details) is its versatility. Right now I have some of my favorite knick-knacks in there,  but can’t wait to fill it up for the holidays!




Vintage Jewelry Whale Collage

Recently I made this vintage jewelry whale for a local fundraiser.

How cute in a nursery, or anywhere really!  Very simple to make, just lots of layering.  What a great way to reuse old or broken pieces you aren’t using anymore!  I carve the shape I want out of cardboard, and then  use E6000 adhesive.  It forms a super strong bond, but is slow drying, so you can move a piece if you aren’t happy where you put it.  I used cardstock for the background, and blue glitter Premo! clay for the spout.

Happy crafting, and thanks for visiting!


DIY Shabby Succulent Birdcage

DIYDIY Shabby Succulent Birdcage

I bought this plain metal birdcage at Ross for 12.99.  Boring, but it has possibilities!


I really liked the cute little bird swinging on a chain


A couple coats of Zinsser 1-2-3, my go-to primer..


My little bird is so much cuter already!

A coat of Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze..


A light sanding with medium grit sandpaper to “age” the paint..


And off to the MARC Plant Store to buy some succulents!


For those that haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Marc Plant Store, a little background.. The Monroe County Association for reMARCable Citizens is a non-profit organization here in the Florida Keys designed to provide employment for adults with developmental disabilities.  Its great to see these guys landscaping around town! Also, the plant store has amazing products.  Worth a visit if you’re here in the Keys!


This is what I picked up to play with..


****NOTE: I strongly advise you to wear gloves.  I did not wear gloves.  BIG mistake!

Originally, I had planned on putting a plastic plant liner at the bottom of my cage like ones I’ve seen on

Pinterest. I couldn’t find one that fit snugly, so I opted to go a different route. This is what I came up with..


Vintage milk glass, a silver creamer, and a tea cup..perfect!(although I later switched the small milk glass with the creamer)

Way better than the original plan!

To plant, I placed some moss and potting soil in the bottom of each “pot”.


CAREFULLY repot the succulents, filling in with potting soil around the edges.

(I do not recommend the plastic bag on hand method that I used.  Really.

Buy gloves!! These teeny tiny needles feel like fiberglass!)


Love this project.  It was super easy and fits right in in my bedroom.  I like it with

 the roses,  but I’d have to replace with some dried ones.

What do you think?


succulent birdcage2