Sea Glass Luminary

I always have a ton of sea glass,  so I made a pretty way to display it.

Easy Sea Glass Luminary

Already had a vintage anchor mason jar on hand with holes drilled for the string lights. 

Easy Sea Glass Luminary

For my easy tutorial on drilling the glass,
 {click here}

DIY snowglobe


 What a fun little light!  Looks so pretty in the bookcase!

Love the way the light shines through all the beautiful colors of glass!

Easy Sea Glass Luminary

Easy Sea Glass Luminary

Thanks for visiting!   -Rebecca


Glittered Palm Frond Christmas Tree Tutorial

vintage palm


Learn how to make a glittered palm frond tree in less than an hour.. perfect for any coastal themed holiday decor!  Want to know what I like most about decorating with trees?  You can put them up whenever, and leave them up till you feel like taking them down..trees are trees and make great year round décor.  Imagine how cute this would look on a coastal mantel at Thanksgiving!  Read on to find out how to make these with stuff you may already have around the house..

Stuff you’ll need:

-Palm fronds

-Glue gun

-Glitter (try the dollar store if you don’t have any)

-liquid gold leaf (can be found at any craft store or on Amazon for $8.46 prime shipping)

-cone shape (less than $2.00 at most craft stores)



Palm fronds can be found everywhere in Florida. We have a couple of coconut palms that are constantly shedding. Its a great natural product to use, and best yet, it’s FREE! If you don’t have a tree, just look around on yard waste pickup day..



Start by cutting pieces of palm frond. Its not an exact science, I cut mine in 1-4 inch lengths.





Dip a cut frond piece in the paint. If you have paint in a little glass vial like I used, just dip till it hits bottom, this will ensure the paint is even on all the fronds.  Immediately dip the painted end of the palm in glitter. The glitter will stick to the wet paint.







Dab a dot of hot glue to the unpainted end of the frond. Attach to bottom of cone so that the painted/glittered end brushes against the bottom. Repeat all steps, working your way first around the bottom, then up the tree. Go back and fill in any spots that look bare. Easy, right?



Glue gun tip:  Glue guns are messy. And I burn my fingers every time. Essential in my life however. When you are satisfied with how your tree looks, and are sure the paint is fairly dry, hit it with a hairdryer.  All those annoying stringy strands of spiderweb glue  will magically  disappear.


Go back and fill in any spots that look bare.





Love this!  Looks so cute displayed with my  tiny driftwood house!




I may try another soon. I’d like to try to whitewash the fronds, and use silver paint and silver  glass glitter. What do you think?   Thanks for visiting VintageKeyWest!


$10 dollar Vintage Seascape Painting turned Jewelry Display

I found this beautiful acrylic seascape at a Goodwill a couple years ago, couldn’t decide what to do with it..then while trying to come up to display jewelry at Oceanfest Key West, it all came together!


Just refreshed the wood frame with some bright distressed paint, drilled some holes directly into the acrylic board, and inserted some drawer knobs.. super easy jewelry display!


I had some acrylic knobs I wasn’t using, and picked up the adorable pewter starfish knobs on clearance at Ace for $2.00. Couple coats of paint on the starfish and..




jewelry display,


Super cute display. People were definitely drawn to it, I sold all of my necklaces in stock. Couple people even tried to purchase the display itself!


Thanks for visiting!    -Rebecca




Pirate Ship Chandelier, Vintage Lamp Makeover

pirate ship chandelier

I found this tabletop brass pirate ship lamp on E-Bay for $20.00. I actually had the highest bid, for $20.00!! That’s crazy! Who would sell this priceless treasure for $20.00?


Well, just goes to show, one mans trash is another mans treasure! Keep reading to learn how I turned THAT into THIS..


I got my inspiration from this on Junk Gypsies. I love the show, and soon because OBSESSED with having my own pirate ship chandelier. I like this tabletop version for me, I think it’s perfect for apartment living, no hard wiring needed!

First step, clean off the grime! I used dish soap and vinegar…

I started my snipping out the old wiring with wire cutters. I always like to rewire, not only for safety purposes, but new wiring will give any vintage lamp a clean, modern look. (it’s even nicer if you have any electrician friends that will rewire it for you..)

Then I primed with Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer in White. I used two cans. Dries super fast, about half an hour between coats.

I gave it a light sanding with my Mouse sander, to distress the embossed circles and give it an aged look. I rubbed it with some pledge to get the dust off, but didn’t do much else in the way off top coating. I’m okay with it getting a little rusty.


Next the beads. I have a ton of beads and stuff from my vintage jewelry collages. Decided to add some to my chandelier.

I used fishing line to string them together. (Actually, I made my roommate tie the knots cause he’s a fishing captain and I hate tying fishing line. Why is it so hard to tie fishing line?)


Then I got some crystal chandelier garlands and pendants on amazon. The pendants(French Pendalogue Crystal Prisms Silver Bow Tie, Pack of 10 by Crystal Prism World) cost 14 dollars for a pack of 10. The 2 six foot garlands (CrystalPlace 6 Feet Glass Crystal Beads Chain Garland) cost 15 dollars a chain.



they have these little rings and clips which made them super easy to put on..



And done! LOVE how this came out. My new favorite all time project. Till next time..

Framed Wallpaper Art

I bought this great sample of vintage looking wallpaper months ago on E-bay from D. Marie Interiors. It’s called Scenic Nautical Historical Toile. It was only $4.00 for a 12×27 sample, and I couldn’t resist!  After trying to decide what to do with it, it’s finally made it’s home in this embroidery hoop I got for $1.50 at Michael’s.


Simple and easy project to brighten up a dreary wall, and for under $6.00!! And I only used a third of the sample, where should I put the rest?


DIY Shabby Succulent Birdcage

DIYDIY Shabby Succulent Birdcage

I bought this plain metal birdcage at Ross for 12.99.  Boring, but it has possibilities!


I really liked the cute little bird swinging on a chain


A couple coats of Zinsser 1-2-3, my go-to primer..


My little bird is so much cuter already!

A coat of Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze..


A light sanding with medium grit sandpaper to “age” the paint..


And off to the MARC Plant Store to buy some succulents!


For those that haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Marc Plant Store, a little background.. The Monroe County Association for reMARCable Citizens is a non-profit organization here in the Florida Keys designed to provide employment for adults with developmental disabilities.  Its great to see these guys landscaping around town! Also, the plant store has amazing products.  Worth a visit if you’re here in the Keys!


This is what I picked up to play with..


****NOTE: I strongly advise you to wear gloves.  I did not wear gloves.  BIG mistake!

Originally, I had planned on putting a plastic plant liner at the bottom of my cage like ones I’ve seen on

Pinterest. I couldn’t find one that fit snugly, so I opted to go a different route. This is what I came up with..


Vintage milk glass, a silver creamer, and a tea cup..perfect!(although I later switched the small milk glass with the creamer)

Way better than the original plan!

To plant, I placed some moss and potting soil in the bottom of each “pot”.


CAREFULLY repot the succulents, filling in with potting soil around the edges.

(I do not recommend the plastic bag on hand method that I used.  Really.

Buy gloves!! These teeny tiny needles feel like fiberglass!)


Love this project.  It was super easy and fits right in in my bedroom.  I like it with

 the roses,  but I’d have to replace with some dried ones.

What do you think?


succulent birdcage2

The Wedding Conch Shell, how-to

I was recently asked to paint a conch shell for a friend’s son’s wedding.  The beach themed wedding in North Carolina, has aqua and purple accent colors. This is what I came up with, and I am very happy with the results!


As anyone who has ever tried to paint letters on a conch shell well knows, its not easy! The surface is very uneven. So, after several trial and errors, I decided to try something new, clay letters! I absolutely love how it turned out!


I started by giving the outer part of the shell a base white coat with my always handy Zinsser Primer, stuffing balled up newsprint into the interior of the shell to keep it paint free.


I wanted to added a bit of glitzy sand to the shell. So my next step was to make up a blend of Elmer’s glue, water, Key West beach sand, and clear German glass glitter.  I wasn’t exact, I just played around with it till it was a consistency I was happy with.  I applied the mixture to the inner lip of the shell and let it dry a bit in the sun.



For those of you that haven’t worked with German glass glitter before, I’d like to stress how awesome it is! It is actually made out of shaved glass, and the effect is has is AMAZING!  Once you use it,  you’ll never want to use regular store bought glitter again.

clay letters

My next step was making the letters. I sculpted the letters with Sculpey III, and baked them the recommended time.  I then applied a layer of Krylon gloss, and let dry. I added a coat of Judy♥Kins Diamond Glaze, and applied some German glass glitter to the still wet  glaze and let dry.

diamond glaze


Next, I added some vintage jewelry, sparkling rhinestones and shimmery pearls, along with some  starfish, sea urchin, and white sea glass, using E-6000 silicone glue. (This is the only glue I ever use. Slow drying, but when it dries, its bonded forever!)


Then I secured the letters using my e-6000 glue.

conchletters close up


Lastly, I gave the shell a shimmery top coat using my favorite brandof metallic paint, Modern Masters, in gold shimmer. Its pricey, but so worth it!


I love how this Wedding conch shell turned out.  What do you think?

Fireplace, Drabby to Shabby

Yes, I live in Key West, and I’m not ashamed to admit I have an electric fireplace. Two actually. I remember my first year here, we had record low temps for weeks, and I spent days huddled around a little space heater with my roommates. Quite a shock to my system, having moved here from the Virgin Islands where it doesn’t get below 75, hardly ever. (And yes, northerners, 45 IS cold when you don’t have heat, and the wind is blowing icily off the ocean!) I vowed to never be cold again.

I bought my first fireplace at k-mart for $120.00, on sale.

Pretty boring. I actually hated it, (I hate faux wood laminate!) but had been shopping for one online, and couldn’t find one I liked for under $500.00.

So, the makeover. Had to have it done in time to hang my Christmas stockings. HAD TO!

I taped off the glass screen with newspaper and blue painters tape. (sorry, no pics of this step, but easy enough to figure out!)

Then I did a quick once-over with my mouse sander using medium grit sandpaper. This just takes the sheen off the laminate, and allows the paint to adhere better.

Zinsser 1-2-3 primer. Two coats. Zinsser dries really fast, about half an hour in the sun if its not too hot out. What I like about Zinsser is it sticks to and covers anything. They even say you can skip the sanding step when using this primer, but its super easy to sand laminate, so I did just because I wanted to do it right the first time.

Then I painted it with some leftover “baby boy blue” Benjamin Moore paint in an eggshell finish using a small foam roller. Easy. 2 coats, let dry 24 hours.

Finished with 1 coat polyacrylic. Total time spent on this project,  3 hours.

I had all of the supplies needed on hand for this project, using leftover paint and such, so basically, all this cost me was the $120.00 I paid for the fireplace..and