DIY Mason Jar Illuminated Snow Scene

Make these Mason Jar Illuminated Snow Scenes, it’s easier than you’d think!  Having grown up in snowy New England, I’ll always miss snow..but only around the holidays!  So I always bring snow into my holiday decorating. What a nice way to display a collection of bottle brush trees or some glittery  putz houses!  Read on to find out how!




I feel like everyone is afraid to drill glass. Its easy, I’ll show you how.

What you’ll need:


Dremel Diamond Drill Bits (these are made for drilling through glass)

Glass Vase

Artificial Snow

Battery Operated Wired Led String Lights

Plastic Bowl of Water


Set out your materials. I did this demonstration with a glass vase from the dollar store. Look at it this way, if you mess it up on your first try, you only lose a dollar! If you aren’t familiar with drilling glass, try this before moving on to a vintage vase or jar.


Sorry my workspace is so messy!

Set out a plastic bowl of water big enough for the vase to sit in. The key to glass drilling is both the glass and the drill bit need to be wet.  I’ve drilled underwater like some will recommend, but its not necessary. Read on..



Set vase in bowl. Figure out where you want your hole to be, somewhere close to the back on the lower half. Make sure you have on protective eyewear, or at least sunglasses(Ok, I never really needed them, if you keep your work surface wet, blasting won’t be a issue, but since this is a tutorial for beginners I shall tell you to wear them.. 🙂  Set your drill to a lower setting.  I like 5.  Slow and steady wins the race..




Start drilling. Keep your wrist steady. The sludge that you see? Its the glass turning back into sand! It’s like the opposite of what the guy did in Sweet Home Alabama!! Really love that movie.. (and please don’t get me started on whether or not making sculptures is possible to do this way, I don’t care it’s just a movie!!)



I if you see sludge, it’s time to dip the vase and diamond bit in water, drill, sludge, dip, drill, sludge, dip…continue..go slow, you’ll be able to “feel” when you pop through.



When you have created your hole, check to make sure your lights fit through the opening.



Good to go? Clean and dry the vase out, and stuff the lights through the opening..



Then fill with snow, and whatever else you want! Oh the possibilities!





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