Glittered Palm Frond Christmas Tree Tutorial

vintage palm


Learn how to make a glittered palm frond tree in less than an hour.. perfect for any coastal themed holiday decor!  Want to know what I like most about decorating with trees?  You can put them up whenever, and leave them up till you feel like taking them down..trees are trees and make great year round décor.  Imagine how cute this would look on a coastal mantel at Thanksgiving!  Read on to find out how to make these with stuff you may already have around the house..

Stuff you’ll need:

-Palm fronds

-Glue gun

-Glitter (try the dollar store if you don’t have any)

-liquid gold leaf (can be found at any craft store or on Amazon for $8.46 prime shipping)

-cone shape (less than $2.00 at most craft stores)



Palm fronds can be found everywhere in Florida. We have a couple of coconut palms that are constantly shedding. Its a great natural product to use, and best yet, it’s FREE! If you don’t have a tree, just look around on yard waste pickup day..



Start by cutting pieces of palm frond. Its not an exact science, I cut mine in 1-4 inch lengths.





Dip a cut frond piece in the paint. If you have paint in a little glass vial like I used, just dip till it hits bottom, this will ensure the paint is even on all the fronds.  Immediately dip the painted end of the palm in glitter. The glitter will stick to the wet paint.







Dab a dot of hot glue to the unpainted end of the frond. Attach to bottom of cone so that the painted/glittered end brushes against the bottom. Repeat all steps, working your way first around the bottom, then up the tree. Go back and fill in any spots that look bare. Easy, right?



Glue gun tip:  Glue guns are messy. And I burn my fingers every time. Essential in my life however. When you are satisfied with how your tree looks, and are sure the paint is fairly dry, hit it with a hairdryer.  All those annoying stringy strands of spiderweb glue  will magically  disappear.


Go back and fill in any spots that look bare.





Love this!  Looks so cute displayed with my  tiny driftwood house!




I may try another soon. I’d like to try to whitewash the fronds, and use silver paint and silver  glass glitter. What do you think?   Thanks for visiting VintageKeyWest!


7 thoughts on “Glittered Palm Frond Christmas Tree Tutorial

  1. I love your Palm Frond Tree! Your driftwood house is adorable too! Thank you for the hairdryer tip and those messy glue gun strands, it will come in handy! May your Holidays be warm and bright! Cheers!


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