Vintage Inspired Feather Tree Tutorial



Put aside an afternoon to make this adorable white vintage inspired feather tree! I saw what they go for in stores, (yikes!!) and decided I could do better for next to nothing!


Started with a simple cardboard cone, spray painted white.  Any size will do. (DON’T try using a styrofoam cone. They don’t get along well with glue guns!) You can usually find cardboard cones at any craft store for under $2.00.


I bought these 4-6 inch feathers on ebay from montana_echoes. I purchased 2 bags. It cost around $10.00 as they combine shipping. (Super fast shipping, will definitely be buying more from them!)


This was a white boa I’ve had lying around waiting for me to do something with. Perfect for this project, and very inexpensive to buy.


Get your glue gun ready. Don’t recommend a low heat gun for this, I feel low heat guns never get hot enough. But I did burn most of my fingers. (If anyone has a recommendation for NOT burning fingers while gluing feathers I’d love to hear it!) Anyways, I just started at the bottom alternating between the wing feathers and cut off pieces of the boa feathers, gluing one at a time, and worked my way up. Don’t get discouraged if it looks lopsided when you get to the top. Mine did, but then I just kept filling in the barer spots until I was happy with it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how this came out!  Cost me under $10 using mostly stuff I had on hand, but would still cost under $15 if you were buying all the supplies!  Such a classic look.

Thanks for visiting, and happy crafting!


3 thoughts on “Vintage Inspired Feather Tree Tutorial

  1. Positively LOVE this! I do a different theme every year for Christmas. I was undecided about this year’s theme until I saw this … FEATHERS it is! 🙂 Plan to make these adorable trees to scatter about the house, and I will figure out how to work the feathers into our main tree. I am so excited! Thank you for the inspiration.


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