Can you believe this is laminate??

I live in a tiny attic apartment in old town, Key West. I pay for my location. I do certainly not pay for my storage, because I don’t have any. One tiny closet in the whole apartment! I’ve been wanting a sideboard/credenza/buffet/dry sink for a while. Just somewhere to store my good dishes- the – vintage pieces I pull out on holidays.  I have expensive taste. I want a solid wood piece I can refinish. Been looking a while, but of course, everything I want is upwards of $800. Not going to work. I found this dresser on Wayfair for $249.00. It’s called the Huntington 8 drawer dresser. Laminate, hmm, I can work with this! It’s in my budget, and will provide the storage I need.     It took me and a very patient friend 3 1/2 hours to assemble.(thanks Tim!) Definitely a two person job. I’m pretty handy, and no way could I have done this alone. Sturdily built, only a few minor issues matching up dowels to holes. Now the fun part.     First, I sanded with my mouse and medium grit paper, just enough to take the shine off. Then I painted some areas blue that I wanted to show through the topcoat.   IMG_4057   Here’s my new toy,  a Miss Mustard Seed Wax Puck. Great for distressing furniture! Just slide the puck over anything you are planning to distress and want that color to show through.   (See Photo)IMG_4058Next, I added some furniture appliques. These are my new best friend.  I buy them from Do It Yourself Chic on Ebay.

So much fun! She makes these “molds” with wood filler. She’s got a huge selection ranging to price from $1-$70. All you do is glue them on! I use my go to adhesive, E-6000. It  NEVER comes off!   Now, 2 coats of Zinsser  primer, and she’s ready to paint.

    I make my own chalk paint with good results -Budget, budget, budget! I scoured the returned paint shelf at Ace Hardware. I found a pint of winter white paint for $2. Done! Mix it with a tablespoon or two of unsanded tile grout,then add a splash of water. I usually  end up adding water a couple of times, as it tends to thicken. Just try to keep it at the same consistency throughout -not too runny. Think of the consistency of Elmer’s Glue. Two coats. 4 hours. Then, buff with a clean cloth, 2 coats of polyacrylic, and done!   mixed paint

To finish it off, I added some clear and acrylic knobs I had on hand. Now I have TONS of storage! What do you think?






One thought on “Can you believe this is laminate??

  1. Do you happen to sell hand-painted wine glasses? I want to find glasses hand painted with one chicken each, and only two glasses. I wouldn’t want the chicken to be realistic looking, but more stylised.


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