Pirate Ship Chandelier, Vintage Lamp Makeover

pirate ship chandelier

I found this tabletop brass pirate ship lamp on E-Bay for $20.00. I actually had the highest bid, for $20.00!! That’s crazy! Who would sell this priceless treasure for $20.00?


Well, just goes to show, one mans trash is another mans treasure! Keep reading to learn how I turned THAT into THIS..


I got my inspiration from this on Junk Gypsies. I love the show, and soon because OBSESSED with having my own pirate ship chandelier. I like this tabletop version for me, I think it’s perfect for apartment living, no hard wiring needed!

First step, clean off the grime! I used dish soap and vinegar…

I started my snipping out the old wiring with wire cutters. I always like to rewire, not only for safety purposes, but new wiring will give any vintage lamp a clean, modern look. (it’s even nicer if you have any electrician friends that will rewire it for you..)

Then I primed with Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer in White. I used two cans. Dries super fast, about half an hour between coats.

I gave it a light sanding with my Mouse sander, to distress the embossed circles and give it an aged look. I rubbed it with some pledge to get the dust off, but didn’t do much else in the way off top coating. I’m okay with it getting a little rusty.


Next the beads. I have a ton of beads and stuff from my vintage jewelry collages. Decided to add some to my chandelier.

I used fishing line to string them together. (Actually, I made my roommate tie the knots cause he’s a fishing captain and I hate tying fishing line. Why is it so hard to tie fishing line?)


Then I got some crystal chandelier garlands and pendants on amazon. The pendants(French Pendalogue Crystal Prisms Silver Bow Tie, Pack of 10 by Crystal Prism World) cost 14 dollars for a pack of 10. The 2 six foot garlands (CrystalPlace 6 Feet Glass Crystal Beads Chain Garland) cost 15 dollars a chain.



they have these little rings and clips which made them super easy to put on..



And done! LOVE how this came out. My new favorite all time project. Till next time..


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