Upcoming events in Key West

Another beautiful day here in Key West!key west sign

It’s now October. Which means all kind of great things.

For us hardworking locals, the worry about being able to pay our bills during the slowest months has passed.  The weather, while not necessarily cooler during the day, the humidity drops to a bearable level at night.  I was cold for the first time riding in to work at 6 in the morning. Yes, I know it was only 79, but after a Key West summer, that’s cold!

Sometime today, when the glitch in the marketplace is fixed, I will be able to apply for insurance for the first time since my early twenties.  (Those pesky pre-existing conditions..)

We have alot of fun and exciting events in the fall. First up, and my favorite, is the annual Key West Zombie Bike Ride. Last year, over a 1000 people, dressed in crazy zombie costumes, ride their bikes from Stock Island to Duval Street. The parade stops at Higg’s Beach on the way, where everyone does the zombie dance from Thriller by Michael Jackson. It’s quite a sight to see!

me at Higg's Beach

After that, we move into the Bahama Village Goombay Festival, Fantasy Fest, The Meeting of the Minds, and Powerboat Race Week. Lots of fun and money to be made.. I love fall here!

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