Key West Chick DIY Hand Painted Wine Glasses

I made these adorable hand painted chicken wine glasses for a benefit supporting a beloved bartender, nicknamed  “Chicken,”, who works at the Green Parrot here in Key West. Just wanted to show support a fellow bartender in her time of need.


I used dollar store wine glasses to keep the cost low.


For this project, I chose a fine point and a chisel tip paint brush. I like synthetic for this project because I feel it will shed less, (also cheaper!)


I picked up some Martha Stewart opaque glass paint on  I’ve worked with different glass paints before, but chose this for the opacity. Also, Martha hasn’t failed me yet when it comes to quality!



Most important thing with this project is to have fun with it! Chickens come in just about every color, so play away!

For the lettering, I used a decocolor medium tip oil paint pen.


I’ve heard and read many different theories on painting glass and keeping it from chipping off. Basically, is it (A)dishwasher safe? And (B),should I bake it?

I don’t feel that anyone purchasing hand painted glassware would feel the need to put it in a dishwasher. It’s hand-painted! Just give it a quick rinse with soap and water!

Baking. All the baking does is speed up the curing process. So, if you’re in a rush, by all means bake it. Providing its a non-toxic paint, like Martha Stewart offers. Otherwise, just let it sit for the recommended 21 days, it’ll cure without heat.

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