Fireplace, Drabby to Shabby

Yes, I live in Key West, and I’m not ashamed to admit I have an electric fireplace. Two actually. I remember my first year here, we had record low temps for weeks, and I spent days huddled around a little space heater with my roommates. Quite a shock to my system, having moved here from the Virgin Islands where it doesn’t get below 75, hardly ever. (And yes, northerners, 45 IS cold when you don’t have heat, and the wind is blowing icily off the ocean!) I vowed to never be cold again.

I bought my first fireplace at k-mart for $120.00, on sale.

Pretty boring. I actually hated it, (I hate faux wood laminate!) but had been shopping for one online, and couldn’t find one I liked for under $500.00.

So, the makeover. Had to have it done in time to hang my Christmas stockings. HAD TO!

I taped off the glass screen with newspaper and blue painters tape. (sorry, no pics of this step, but easy enough to figure out!)

Then I did a quick once-over with my mouse sander using medium grit sandpaper. This just takes the sheen off the laminate, and allows the paint to adhere better.

Zinsser 1-2-3 primer. Two coats. Zinsser dries really fast, about half an hour in the sun if its not too hot out. What I like about Zinsser is it sticks to and covers anything. They even say you can skip the sanding step when using this primer, but its super easy to sand laminate, so I did just because I wanted to do it right the first time.

Then I painted it with some leftover “baby boy blue” Benjamin Moore paint in an eggshell finish using a small foam roller. Easy. 2 coats, let dry 24 hours.

Finished with 1 coat polyacrylic. Total time spent on this project,  3 hours.

I had all of the supplies needed on hand for this project, using leftover paint and such, so basically, all this cost me was the $120.00 I paid for the fireplace..and



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