The Mermaid Boat

13 - 10Key West’s Minimal a boat out of plywood, duct tape, fasteners and 2×4’s.. sounds easy, right? Well, I didn’t build the boat, but I did paint and decorate here’s the tutorial on DIY Mermaid Scales!!

IMG_0031Here’s how the boat came to me.  Primed with Zinsser, and ready to paint!

boatcloseupI painted the base with Painters Touch in Jade. I bought 4 cans, and only needed 1 1/2. Rather have too much than having to run back out though, I’m sure I’ll find another use for this beautiful color!

circlesAnd the circles. These are actually leftovers from a upcycled book chandelier I made. They were made with a 1 1/2 inch circle punch.  I sprayed a base coat of the same jade paint and let dry..didn’t take long in the Florida heat!

paintcanclseupOnto the fun part, shiny scales! I absolutely love this paint. Its a bit on the pricey side, but a little bit goes a LONG way! I pay about 40 dollars for one of these 32 oz jars here at Strunck Ace Hardware Key West (probably cheaper anywhere else in the U.S., haven’t checked, but I do know our Home Depot doesn’t carry these) It comes in a huge variety of colors, and they ARE tintable!

IMG_20130522_140657Also a huge fan of these Preval Sprayers. Basically, its a glass jar that you screw into an aerosol can, make any color a spray paint! I’ve only tried with water based paints. LOVE.The key is adding water, paint thinner or alcohol to thin the paint enough to move through the straw. The glass jars are reusable, and the kit comes with a screw top if you have leftover paint. You can also buy the pieces separately if you’ve got the jar but have run out of aerosol, or vice versa.. THey do clog a little bit, but its an easy fix and so worth the trouble! In my experience its usually its just a matter of adding more thinner.

IMG_20130522_152054Adding the scales..definitely tedious. Easy, but time consuming. I just used regular elmers glue.


13 - 7 (1)

IMG_20130524_191631Finishing touches. I painted the trim white. For my masthead, I found a boring grey plastic dolphin at the dollar store, and painted him aqua. So cute!

frontofboatI used some Annie Sloan silver wax to finish off the paint job. I rubbed it into the scales and on the white trim. Love the shimmer it added!

IMG_20130524_183514Bought a cheap fishnet, stapled it in the front of the boat. Added some starfish that were lying around the house.

naked ladyFor the back, I framed used an old frame to frame the name of the boat. (Incidentally, I had nothing to do with the naming of the boat. That was the guys..) Covered in silver glitter. Polyacrylic to hold the glitter in place. And of course, a Conch Republic flag to show our Key West pride!!

saminboat3Our crew with the finished boat. (The guys clear coated it when I was done.  Wasn’t around for that.)

saminboat1 (2)And in the water she goes! She floats!


384723_4864836904533_312443757_nAlthough we didn’t win the race, drinks were flowing, the boat didn’t sink, and a good time was had by all.

3 thoughts on “The Mermaid Boat

  1. I also love the Preval sprayer. I recently purchased the Preval vFan Airbrush. It can be difficult to work sometimes but it can do reallly awesome shading and blending.

    Yes I was in Orlando in this June. Summer is HOT in Florida. What is crazy is sometimes, especially later in summer, it can be hotter here in Indianapolis than anywhere in Florida! That includes higher dewpoints too!


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